Putin Orders Nationwide Nuke Attack Drill a Day Before US National Emergency Alert Test

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2 Very Ominous Events That Are Going To Happen This Week
Russia Threatens Direct Attacks on US Allies Over Soldiers, Taurus Missiles
Putin’s top ally Dmitry Medvedev warns of World War 3 if UK troops are sent to Ukraine & says they would be ‘destroyed’
Russia is luring Cubans to Ukraine with fast-tracked citizenship and a lucrative signing bonus: ‘Almost all of our friends have gone’
NATO bolsters forces in Kosovo as US urges Serbia to withdraw from border
Western ‘idiots’ want World War III – ex-Russian president
British PM clarifies stance on troops in Ukraine
Putin Orders Nationwide Nuclear Attack Response Drill for Day Before US National Emergency Alert Test
Israeli Movement To See The Third Temple Built In Jerusalem
Russia may be testing nuclear-powered missile: report
No Russian soldier is safe with our missiles, Grant Shapps declares in warning to Putin
IDF reportedly strikes Iranian weapons shipment near Damascus