More than 500 people got bitten by scorpions in Egypt’s southern province of Aswan. Officials report that strong hail storms and heavy rain forced scorpions out of their burrows and into the streets and people’s houses.

503 residents in Aswan got antidotes for scorpion bites … there were no deaths from the bites,” Khaled Abdel Ghaffar said in a Saturday statement.

Meanwhile, local media reports said that three people have died from scorpion bites in the city of Aswan.

scorpions invade Aswan, Egypt after torrential rain and hail storms

According to the acting health minister, there is enough anti-venom in all hospitals in Egypt, with 3,350 doses currently available in hospitals in Aswan Governorate alone.

Heavy rainfall, up to 4.5 mm in some places, led to surface run-off and torrential rain. The water entered the burrows, and anything in the burrows came out of the water and headed to low-lying areas and homes.

According to residents, venemous snakes are also invading villages. They are more dangerous than the scorpions.

Natural dangers

Several types of dangerous scorpions and snakes inhabit the mountainous and desert areas near the city of Aswan, especially broad-tailed scorpions, which are one of the most deadly types of scorpions in the world.

A single sting of this type of scorpion can inject enough venom to kill an adult human in less than an hour.

Symptoms of poisoning such as difficulty breathing, muscle tremors and unusual movements of the head can develop quickly after a sting. [Pledge TimesSputnik]