A group of Senate Republicans will send a Wednesday letter to the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee Jack Reed, demanding hearings on President Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and asking for sworn testimony from Secretary Lloyd Austin, General Mark Milley and General Kenneth McKenzie.

The Daily Caller first obtained the letter spearheaded by Republican Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville, who sits on the Committee on Armed Services. The letter was signed by nine other Republicans. In it, they call on Reed to schedule committee hearings so they can examine Biden and his administration’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan after 13 U.S. service members were killed in a terror attack at the Kabul airport.

“It is necessary and appropriate for Congress to examine the manner in which our military mission ended in Afghanistan. We should do so with transparency, candor, and a dedication to ascertaining the facts without regard to politics. We understand that in the coming months, many committees will claim the authority to ask questions regarding our military’s withdrawal. Yet, because our committee bears the special responsibility of authorizing and overseeing America’s armed forces, we acutely feel the obligation to seek answers,” Tuberville wrote in the letter.

“We write to formally request that the Senate Armed Services Committee fully exercise its oversight authority by holding both opened and closed hearings on this matter and that our committee ask the Department of Defense to preserve any and all records pertaining to the conclusion of our operations in Afghanistan. In particular, we seek sworn testimony from Secretary Lloyd Austin, General Mark Milley, and General Frank McKenzie, Jr.,” Tuberville added.