After a scathing series of exposés dropped by Project Veritas about CNN’s anti-conservative bias this week, Twitter has suspended the outlet’s founder, James O’Keefe. O’Keefe, the publisher and founder of Project Veritas, has consistently been releasing exclusive video footage that exposes the political bias of CNN, Facebook, and Google, among others, in a series of bombshells reports.

Twitter had previously issued temporary suspensions to both Project Veritas and James O’Keefe, but at this time there is no reason or duration given to this latest suspension, other than that the account had violated Twitter rules.

Author and journalist Jack Posobiec posited that O’Keefe’s suspension could have something to do with a recent Twitter exchange O’Keefe had with freelance journalist Jesse Hicks. This concept is speculative at this time.

However, the Twitter ban of such a prominent voice in conservative journalism leads to a great deal of speculation. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been at the forefront of defending Twitter’s decision to ban, suppress, and suspend prominent conservatives, including the platform’s permanent ban on former President Donald Trump.