US Sends 2nd Warship-Arab nations warned not to join war-Israel moving to full offensive in Gaza

You will hear the following in this Report:

Israel faces rocket attacks from both the Gaza Strip and Lebanon
Netanyahu’s vow to Hamas ‘savages’: Israeli PM says ‘what we do to our enemies in the coming days will reverberate with them for generations’ as air strikes pound Gaza ahead of ground invasion despite threats to execute hostages
Putin ally is ready to join the war against Israel
Saudi Arabia calls for halting escalation and preventing spread to region
UAE warns Syria’s Assad not to get involved in Hamas-Israel war
Gallant: Israel moving to full offense, Gaza will never return to what it was
The United States is considering launching a second aircraft carrier to the area
Erdogan claims US aircraft carrier’s arrival could lead to massacres
IDF providing thousands of weapons to first-response teams in communities
IDF names another 32 soldiers killed, taking military’s toll to 156
Italian PM warns of Hamas-like attacks against Italian Jews
Israeli death toll tops 1,000, official says; over 800 Palestinians reported dead
Top US general warns Iran on Israel: Do not ‘get involved’