Viewers of Gregg Wallace’s latest documentary were left feeling sick to their stomachs, watching on in horror as he visited a ‘human meat’ factory.

Yes, you read that right. The MasterChef star fronted Channel 4 doc Miracle Meat, which saw him investigate a controversial new lab-grown meat product.

The programme followed Greg, 58, to Lincolnshire, as he learned about how steaks, burgers, sausages, bacon, and more, could be harvested from ‘thin slices of human tissue’.

Basically, the draw was that ‘human flesh’ is much cheaper than the animal alternative, costing as low as 99p per steak, allowing families to get by in the cost of living crisis.

What’s more, it was proposed that regular people could actually make money from it all if they wanted ‘donate cells’ to the practice.

Taking to Twitter as the show aired, Good Harvest – who branded themselves with the slogan ‘Meat the future’ – shared a graphic on how people could ‘sign up’ for the extraction.

It was said you could receive an estimated £250 for, erm, donating a buttock…

Perhaps the most horrifying moment of the doc was when a lady named Gillian, 67, appeared, with the retired receptionist flogging her thigh for £200 to help her pay two weeks of energy bills.

Lying on the surgery table to have her tissue ‘extracted’, she was even asked if she’d like to undergo two extractions for an extra payment!