Is there any event Kamala Harris can attend that doesn’t involve tripping over her tongue? It’s become an astounding feat for the office of the vice presidency. She bungles the event whenever the Biden crew lets her do something publicly. It’s not the most exciting job. The most powerful vice president in American history is arguably Dick Cheney, whose influence was omnipresent in DC during the Bush years. Was he the puppet master? No, that’s an overblown liberal narrative, but he did have access and weighed in on decisions where previous VPs wouldn’t even be near the discussion. The litmus test for a vice president: can this person fill in for the president, when necessary, with a subtext that includes trusting this individual with nuclear weapons? It’s not a challenging exam, but Harris has failed it more than once.

It’s why she’s not considered the future of the party or a potential candidate for president. When Tom Steyer’s 2020 campaign lasts longer than yours, that’s a sign. Harris’ inability to perform rudimentary tasks is now a feature of her tenure as vice president; she’s Selena Meyer. Harris reportedly felt irritated that Biden was giving her hot-button issues to handle, like increasing COVID vaccination rates and securing the border, which is weak sauce. These are legitimate issues, and if she had successfully performed her duties when given these tasks by the president, the public might view her differently. But she didn’t. She failed, and her approval rating is in the toilet. 

Her latest public speaking flub occurred today at Coppin State College in Baltimore, Maryland. Harris was there to deliver remarks about clean energy, where she said that if we reduce the population—more of us can drink clean water and breathe clean air: