War Fever grips World Leaders around the World from China to N & S. Korea to Russia & NATO & Israel

You will hear the following in this Report:

Is China “Massing Forces At Coastal Military Bases” In Preparation For An Invasion Of Taiwan?
South Korea and US issue warning to Russia
US to redirect millions of dollars in military aid to Taiwan
China has completely surrounded Taiwan with 140 warplanes and 50 warships
PLA’s latest air and sea drills near Taiwan could signal surprise attack strategy, analysts say
RAF incident sparks fears of Russian jets opening fire if West keeps turning blind eye
‘Prepare for long war’ – NATO chief
Poland will ban border crossings by Russian cars from Sunday
US waging war against Russia
GOP Senators to Biden: Send Missiles to Ukraine Now
Moscow vows ‘preventive measures’ against NATO Arctic build-up
Netanyahu says Iran ‘violating all its commitments’ after it kicks out inspectors
In ‘unprecedented’ move, Iran bars 1/3 of UN inspectors from accessing nuclear sites
UN votes to make ancient biblical city of Jericho a ‘World Heritage Site’
South Korea issues nuclear promise to North
Hamas issues terror threat to Israel: ‘We will return to the Intifada’