People are flooding to social media in fear over a TikToker paying for her groceries ‘with her hand’.

Burgundy Waller – known as ‘Chip Girl’ on TikTok – claims to have had a chip which uses radio-frequency identification implanted in her hand in 2020.

While she initially only used the chip as a replacement for keys to unlock her front door and household cupboards, Chip Girl has revealed an update to the technology.

The chip was allegedly implanted between the TikToker’s thumb and index finger.

In a previous post to the platform, Waller shared a look at her hand bandaged just after undergoing the surgery.

The self-professed innovator, entrepreneur, dog mom, ‘bonus mom’, law student and wife explained was inspired to do it after talking with her ‘techie husband’.

She’s since revealed she no longer has to worry about forgetting her front door keys, but can also go out without her credit card thanks to the chip.@chipgirlhere

My hand is a credit card?! 👀♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling

In a clip uploaded to the platform on Saturday, 5 August, Chip Girl explains to the camera she’s testing out paying for her groceries with her hand for the first time at Whole Foods.

She questions whether the transaction has been complete, and sure enough, a few seconds later, a beep can be heard on the store’s monitor indicating the purchase has gone through.

“That’s the coolest thing ever,” she says.

While it’s a handy way to never have to remember your keys or credit card again, not everyone is convinced by the technology.

Some have argued the chip didn’t actually pay for Waller’s shopping.

One user said: “She has an Apple Watch on under the sleeve.”

“Card up the sleeve?” a second questioned.

However, as one user noted: “This is chip girl, it’s a chip.”