World War 3 Fears w/US, Russia, China & N.Korea-Israel strikes Damascus-Iran vows revenge on Israel

You will hear the following in this Report:

China Threatens U.S. With ‘Counterattack’ Over Taiwanese President’s Visit
In New York, Taiwan leader says ties with US ‘closer than ever’
China Open to Strengthening Military ‘Coordination’ with Russia
China stages combat patrols after warning Taiwan about U.S. speaker meeting
Ukraine Could Become Chinese Testing Ground In Anticipation Of War With US
Taiwan scrambles jets, ships after ‘irrational actions’ by Chinese military
High activity spotted at North Korea nuclear complex after Kim’s bomb-fuel order
Russia detainment of Wall Street Journal reporter makes it feel like ‘Cold War is on again
Talk of EU troops in Ukraine ‘extremely dangerous’ – Kremlin
Belarus is ready to deploy not just tactical but also Russian strategic nuclear weapons in the country, Lukashenko said when addressing the National Assembly on Friday. Lukashenko orders the military to restore Belarus’s nuclear-capable Topol missile launch pads.
Russia adopts a new foreign policy strategy in which the West is declared an “existential” threat
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban warned of the threat of World War 3
Kiev’s hopes for victory over Moscow may trigger nuclear disaster in Ukraine — Kim Yo Jong
US troops should leave Germany – MP
Iran warns off US spy plane – media
Russia takes over rotating presidency of UN Security Council
Shadow war heats up as senior Iranian military adviser killed in alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria
Iran vows revenge on Israel
Russia protests over ‘provocative actions’ by US forces in Syria
Syria suffers third night of ‘Israeli strikes’ – media
Five Syrian servicemen injured in Israeli missile strike on Homs Province
US extends carrier deployment after Syria attack
US, South Korea, Japan Start Joint Sea Drills as North Korea Makes Nuclear Threat