Republican Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin is optimistic about Tuesday’s prospects in his match-up against former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) on Tuesday.

Youngkin told FNC’s Martha MacCallum on Monday’s “The Story” there were indicators to back up his prediction.

“I felt like the early voting was very much representative of our strength,” he said. “In fact, turnout for my opponent was really light and soft. And we had strong turnout. And so, we expect to do very well with the early voting. And the momentum that we’re seeing on the campaign trail is just — it’s just huge, I got to be honest. Everywhere we go, the crowds are giant. And we have had this 10-day bus door, where we have been all over the commonwealth. And we have been standing room only, people falling out the doors. And it’s so exciting to watch Virginians come together because it’s no longer Republicans against Democrats. This is Virginians coming together for a platform that they can believe in, with low taxes, and safe schools, and safe neighborhoods, and education that works for our children and, oh, by the way, a job market that’s really growing.”

“Historically, early voting has been 75 to 80% Democrat,” Youngkin continued. “And so for us to be so strong in the early voting just reflects the fact that there’s not any enthusiasm on my opponent’s side. And we have had a lot of enthusiasm, and then we expect to do really well tomorrow. Virginians are coming together. And this is why we see so much momentum going into tomorrow, but, also, the early voting is going to be, I think, surprisingly good for us.”