End Times News Report – Week in Review: 1/1/ through 1/7/2023

Today’s show will feature many headlines in the last week as it pertains to Bible Prophecy including the following:

Hundreds of American troops are in Ukraine
Israeli Air Force Ready to Attack Iran in 2023
Damaging tornado hits La Paz and El Alto, Bolivia
Extreme weather forecast for parts of Indonesia
Reykjavík records coldest temperature since 1918, Iceland
North Korea fires missiles toward Japan
North Korean leader orders new ICBM and larger nuclear arsenal
US Arms Sales to NATO Allies Almost Double in 2022
Russia To Supply Iran With 24 Advanced Sukhoi Fighter Jets
Iran Holds Military Drill Near Strategic Strait of Hormuz
China to roll out first national ‘digital asset’ marketplace
11 Massive Attacks On The Power Grid Since November
Magnitude 5.4 quake hits Northern California days after deadly temblor
Flooding prompts closure of major Bay Area highway and evacuation warnings in northern California neighborhoods
RUMORS OF WAR: China and the US is on a collision course for war over Taiwan
China accuses US of ‘slander and hype’ over air incident
Netanyahu: “Despicable” UN Vote Has No Bearing On Israel
On January 1st, 2023, Illinois jails will turn many prisoners loose
Brace yourselves for impact! Third of world in recession this year, IMF head warns

Tune in to hear the rest of the headlines in this jam packed show!

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