Putin deploys Warship armed w/Zircon cruise missiles-S.Korea warns of ending military pact w/N.Korea

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Blinken tells Israel’s new FM: US will oppose steps that undermine 2-state solution
UN Security Council to meet on the widely decried Temple Mount Visit by Ben-Gvir
Jordan Summons Israeli Ambassador for Reprimand Over Ben-Gvir’s Temple Mount Visit
Israel’s Ben-Gvir storms Al-Aqsa in ‘unprecedented provocation’
Hamas Retaliation for Ben-Gvir’s Al-Aqsa Visit ‘Will Be the Last War,’ Far-right MK Vows
US State Department warns Ben Gvir’s Temple Mount visit could ‘provoke violence’
Germany urges caution to maintain ‘fragile peace’ at Temple Mount
Palestinians accuse Israeli minister of ‘attack’ on holy site
Russia to modernize nuclear forces in 2023, add more multi-warhead nukes
Putin deploys frigate to Atlantic Ocean armed with hypersonic Zircon cruise missiles
South Korea’s Yoon warns of ending military pact if North violates airspace again