SOLDIERS are in training for “America’s worst day” amid fears of a nuclear or biological attack and ballistic threats.

The Army’s Task Force 46 were coached on how to respond to an attack on New York City, including a focus on its subway system and tourist hotpsots like the Yankee Stadium.

Around 170 soldiers from across the country joined forces with the city’s police force and firefighters for the three day exercise on Randall’s Island last week.

Task Force 46, which was formed in 2013, spent their time practising chemical decontamination and how to carry out search and rescue efforts.

Training included simulated nuclear, chemical and biological attacks, Army Times reports.

Soldiers also worked with rescuing mannequins from collapsed buildings.

Maj. Gen. Michael Stone said of the training last year: “Speed is critical.

“This would undoubtedly be America’s worst day.

“Lives saved are counted in minutes, and the capabilities that the Army brings to bear can save those lives.”

Col. Chris McKinney told The New York Post of last week’s training: “You’ve got to bring credibility and trust to the table.

“And that’s something that’s near and dear to our hearts with these partners.

“Should we ever have to respond — and that’s why we train — we need to know what we’re doing, we need to know how to plug in to support a city.”

Task Force 46, who primarily come from the Michigan National Guard, have in the past year helped with Covid-19 relief efforts.

FDNY Battalion Chief Edward Ryan said of the collaboration last week: “They speak Army, we speak fire department.

“So, by training together we get to understand each other’s lingo.”