You all know about the New Madrid Seismic Zone… If not, it’s the big red area in the middle-east of the US in the map below:

Why should people in the eastern United States be concerned about earthquakes?
Why should people in the eastern United States be concerned about earthquakes?

Despite the dangers and warnings, the area continues to be flooded, fracked, drilled, HAARPed, and tornadoed, with extreme weather fluctuations only escalating.

All the while this region is home to 15 nuclear reactors. As if that’s not enough, there’s also a little known factor that will really make your hair stand on end.

The fault zone is criss-crossed with major gas and oil pipelines delivering these volatile energy sources all over the United States.

Map of US pipelines going throught the New Madrid Seismic Zone
Map of US pipelines going throught the New Madrid Seismic Zone

An earthquake in the middle of the country, along the precarious New Madrid fault, could have enormous fiscal and energy consequences. Virtually every natural gas pipeline in the nation is built over that fault. You’ll see the explosion reflected off the moon.

10 major pipelines are crossing the New Madrid Fault Line
10 major pipelines are crossing the New Madrid Fault Line.

Yes, four of the five major natural-gas pipelines come right through the soup in New Madrid, the soft alluvial soil. They carry gas all the way to Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh.

If the earthquake happened during the winter, you’re going to have major-league problems on your hands. Try to explain to somebody why you cannot heat a nursing home or keep a hospital warm.

pipelines new madrid earthquake
Oil pipelines are also running across the New Madrid Seismic Zone

NEW MADRID really scares me. If New Madrid goes on the scale that we think it will … we are going to impede the entire country.

All of the commerce, all of the oil and gas pipelines, everything comes right the central U.S. You drop the bridges across the Mississippi and Missouri rivers and the river locks and you’ve frozen this country.

The New Madrid is overdue for a Big One

No one knows when the next “big one” will arrive.

The New Madrid Seismic Zone is buried 100-200 feet underground and is primarily monitored by using seismographs to detect the frequency of micro-quakes along the fault.

Seismologist also look at historical data, both recorded by people and in the soil and rock itself, to calculate the frequency of past major quakes along the fault.

The current best guess is that the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ) is about 30 years overdue for a magnitude 6.3 earthquake — one strong enough to damage ordinary buildings and overturn heavy furniture. A magnitude 7.6 earthquake, as serious as the 1811-12 series, may arrive by 2069.

Seismologists project the shockwaves from a magnitude 7.6 quake in the NMSZ would reach Callaway County, resulting in slight-to-moderate damage in well-built buildings and some broken chimneys. However, the disruption to utilities could be severe and lasting.

I’ve seen firsthand when there’s unrest on the civil side,” Danner said. “What happens when you don’t have sewer, water, electric and gas for weeks at a time — and you have a population that’s well-armed?

With luck, we won’t be finding out any time soon.

Not Very Comforting

Now, if someone wanted to bring this nation to its knees, where do you think they’d strike? Looks to me the US has another exposed jugular.

The globalists’ hidden hand is already tanking the economy, adulterating and hindering food supplies and deliberately toxifying the environment while feverishly militarizing the nation.

All the while setting Americans at variance against each other (and every imaginable enemy possible) in order to create an atmosphere of fear, scarcity and ultimate dependence on some central power to save them.

But an event of this proportion would be devastating. It’s something to be aware of.

We need to know the real state of affairs and what possibilities lie out there in this hostile, charged environment. We don’t need to fear, but if any one of the scenarios plays out that have been getting aired in the alternative media, we’ll know from whence they came, and be better armed to deal with the fall out.

Keep your plans and preparations updated.