Russian President Vladimir Putin has chillingly stationed 18 nuclear-capable tactical bombers near the NATO border in a stark caution to the West.

A haunting new satellite image exposes the extent of the display, revealing a variety of these nuclear jets readied at Olenya Air Base on Russia’s Kola Peninsula – simply 130 miles from Finland and Norway.

The intimidating display, which was captured on May 7, includes the powerful Tu-160 bombers – designed to release missiles at opponent targets in remote areas.

It comes amid growing diplomatic tensions in between the world powers, sparked by the UK’s statement that they are sending weapons to Ukraine to repel Putin’s forces – and his threats of nuclear escalation. The image reveals the scope of Putin‘s flying force, consisting of the terrifying Tu-95 Bear bombers, which can haul cruise rockets and immense a-bombs. First flown 70 years ago, the Soviet-era aircrafts are the only propeller-powered strategic bombers still in usage.

Recent reports likewise show that two of the Tu-160 bombers were released to skirt the coasts of the United Kingdom, while six Tu-95s were supposedly returned to Olenya Air Base in December after being damaged in anti-aircraft strikes carried out at a Russian airbase in the Sarabov area.

The West is also reacting to Putin‘s military show of strength with advanced weaponry of its own. Britain’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace recently announced that Storm Shadow rockets are to be supplied to Ukraine.