Yemen has been torn by a civil war since 2014, sparked between the government and the Shia armed Houthi political opposition movement (also known as Ansarullah), whose militants control northern parts of the country and are fighting for broader autonomy and representation in Sanaa.

The Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia announced on Monday evening that it started bombing the Yemeni capital Sanaa in response to the strikes, carried out by the Houthi military opposition on the territory of the UAE, Sky News Arabia reported early on Tuesday.
According to a statement from the coalition, air strikes have begun “in response to threat and military necessity.” The attack, according to the coalition, target “terrorist leaders.”

“The coalition air force is conducting a round-the-clock operation in the skies over Sanaa,” the statement says. “We urge civilians to stay away from military camps and Houthi gatherings for their safety.”

F-15 aircraft attacks were said to destroy “two ballistic missile launchers that were used on Monday to strike the territory of the UAE.”